by Robert Mendelsohn M.D.

This book was written in 1984 by Dr. Robert Mendelsohn, who at the time who was a pediatrician of 30 years experience, at the time he wrote this book. He possessed a very questioning mind andr examined what treatments worked and what didn't work in his busy practice. He shares this information with his readers. Some of the chapter titles make his point of view clear. For example:

Most Things Get Better by Morning Parents and Grandparents are Wiser Than Doctors How Doctors Make Healthy Kids Sick Fever: Your Body's Defense Against Diseas The Mythical Menace of Strep Throat

Earaches: Painful, Yes; Dangerous, Rarely

This book is full of very useful information and, is a book not just to read once, but to keep around and refer to the appropriate chapter whenever your child is ill. A MUST READ. And it only costs $7.99. We urge all parents to read this. Call us to get a copy at 561-562-8965.