During wintertime our houses are closed up tight to keep heat in. Also, modern houses are much more tightly sealed than in the past, for energy savings reasons. As a result, indoor air is much more of a problem than in the past, especially in the winter. If you look at what is in air under a microscope, you will see skin flakes that our bodies discard and mixed with many other types of dust, a microscopic animal called dust mites, dander from animal fur, pollen, bacteria, viruses and lots more.

Also, there are many chemicals which come from all the building materials in our house (especially carpets) and cleaning materials. It may seem that the air is polluted outside, but it is actually worse inside, especially in winter. Furnace filters do almost nothing to help this, they only remove is a small amount of the dust. Poor indoor air is one of the reasons we tend to get sick with infections much more often in the wintertime.

People who have respiratory health problems including allergies, asthma and chemical sensitivity have even more problems with poor indoor air then other people. Air filtration systems offer a good solution, and come in two forms. One is a whole house unit that goes on your furnace. These can be very effective against all particles, but will not absorb gases, such as the chemicals released from building and cleaning materials.

The other type of filtration system is portable room units. Good ones can be very effective, but many on the market are not very good. The most effective technologies are HEPA filters, combined with chemical absorbing charcoal and other chemical absorbers. Honeywell and Holmes are the most common HEPA filters you will find in stores. These filters are inexpensive, but tend to not last long before breaking. Also, they have limited effectiveness in reducing indoor pollutants. They work to a degree, but a limited one.

In our opinion the best brand is IQ Air, which we use ourselves, both at home and at the office. We are an authorized dealer for IQ Air, because we wanted to offer them to others. For more information look at our webpage at http://homeopathy-cures.com/html/iqair.html , or just call Steve at 561-562-8965 and he can help figure out the best type of air purification for you.