We run to the supermarket, grab what we need and run out. The last thing we want to do is take the time to read the ingredient labels of the food. However, taking a few extra minutes can make a real difference in your and your families health. Some products in supermarkets are reasonably safe and healthy foods. Others are the products of a Dr. Frankenstein chemical laboratory.

Canned beans are a simple example of this. They are a good food which is underused in the U.S., and more should be incorporated into your diet. If you look at the labels, most canned beans contain beans, water, sugar, salt and EDTA ((ethylenediamine tetraacetic acid) is a chelating agent used to trap metal impurities.) But, if you look at Kuner's No Salt Beans they contain only beans and water. This is a big improvement in ingredients, at the same price. In the health store you will also find organic beans with

only beans and water as ingredients- an even better choice at a slightly higher price.

A list which details the worst food additives can be found at


We personally think it is best to avoid all food additives, including the ones rated as safe. Whenever reasonably possible, look for foods where the only ingredients are real food, not chemicals.