What is harder than gasping for air, desperate for your next breath; what may be worse is watching your child gasping for air. Homeopathy can step by step strengthen you or your child's immune system so that gradually they need less and less asthma medication and eventually they may not need any. Homeopaths always make sure that asthma patients are under a doctors supervision at all times.

John is a 34 year old, father of 3, who came in complaining of asthma. The asthma has been going on since childhood. Now it comes on mostly when triggered by allergies. His asthma is better when standing and he wheezes intensely, fighting for air. He also has lots of sinus congestion and sinus headaches,

He also suffers from abdominal cramps, diarrhea and gas. He has severe backaches. Work is stressing him tremendously. He hold his emotions inside.

Based upon this and many other symptoms we choose to give a homeopathic remedy Tub, one dose (note this was


the right remedy for him but the possibility of it being the right remedy for another person suffering from Asthma is low).

By one month he reported much less asthma symptoms- he did not have to breathing treatments at all and used his inhaler only once instead of his usual 1-2 times a week. He has no diarrhea this month and gas only once after eating badly. His energy level is higher, he snored less and was emotionally more open, especially with his wife.

Over the next two years the asthma was almost gone- there was just a hint of it, a couple of times when mowing the lawn. The sinus headaches were gone. He was less effected by work stress. There were no backaches. He continued opening up emotionally more and more.

Here is an example of a child with asthma:

Brittany was 5 years old when she was brought in with severe asthma. She had had repeated ear infections for years. She had pneumonia every few months. At 3 she was diagnosed with asthma, which comes on whenever the weather was cold.

She was a very loving affectionate child, but is very sensitive and her feelings get hurt easily. She daydreams often and has trouble getting tasks done. She is very scared of the dark and has a history of many nightmares. She has periods of depression when she will just sit for hours without interacting.


We choose the remedy Phosphorus for her and gave one dose (note this was the right remedy for him but the possibility of it being the right remedy for another person suffering from Asthma is low).

Things improved and she needed doses of Phosphorus and other remedies over the next years. In her case the asthma was very severe. The improvement was slow but steady.

Year by year the asthma gets less and less and now is about 90% improved. She uses no drugs except during her now rare attacks. She is much less spacey and has no signs of depression. She is much less oversensitive. She has grown up into a sweet young lady.

In both these cases the difference between homeopathy and conventional medicine is clear- both become much healthier and happier in general- not only did the asthma get better- everything else did also.

In these examples you see the difference between homeopathy and other approaches for treatment of asthma. After the right remedy we expect to see everything getting better in the person's life.

To understand how homeopathy helps in cases like this please click below, to read more about homeopathy. To find a homeopath to help you, choose the referral list link below. If no experienced classical homeopath is in your area you can either travel to see us in Florida - or we can do a phone consult.

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