Is your child been diagnosed as Asperger Syndrome or autistic or falling on the autistic spectrum? Do you struggle to communicate with them to no avail? Do they act like they miss most social cues? Do they stick to doing a few things over and over (obsessive compulsive disorder- OCD)? Do they not make eye contact? Was there a severe increase in these problems or did they first start after a MMR or other vaccine?

Often homeopathy can help in these situations. The right homeopathic remedy will produce marked improvement in many autistic children.

Here are a couple of examples of children that we have helped.

Jonathan was diagnosed as having Asperger’s Syndrome. He came in at age 7. He was non- verbal until age 4. Now he talks well.

At the slightest disappointment he has major temper tantrums. He wets his bed every night.

Calcarea Carbonica

He babbles incoherently without any clear words for hours. He turns lights on and off repeatedly. He has many fears and wants people in the room with him all the time. He has severe food allergies which effect him severely.

In school he can do some things but is severely limited in his capabilities. He does many repetitive behaviors

Based upon this and many other symptoms we gave him a dose of Hyos. (note this was the right remedy for him but the possibility of it being the right remedy for another person suffering from Asperger’s or autism is very low).

Over the next year we saw considerable improvement. His school performance increased considerably- he was able to understand things that totally baffled him before. He had much less temper tantrums, improved sleep and stopped wetting his bed. His babbling is mostly gone. He has much less repetitive behavior and seems happier. He has a long way to go but we have made a good start.

Here is what one parent of a child we treated said about their experience with us:

Our daughter Jessica started out life as a normal child. After receiving the MMR vaccine at 18 months old she 'fell off a cliff'. She lost all her words (>100) and developed many odd behaviors not seen in her older sister such as bending over with her head on the floor to watch TV and flapping her hands. The doctors insisted the vaccine was not to blame even though she developed a fever and rash on her face after the shot.

We were desperate watching our beautiful daughter lose all interactions with the outside world. We tried about every therapy available in our area but saw no improvement. A family friend told us to try homeopathy and referred us to Steve and Aviva Waldstein's Classical Homeopathy Inc. in the Denver area. We took our family to their practice to see if they could help our little girl. I was hoping for just a little improvement and what I got far exceeded my wildest expectations! Shortly after starting the homeopathy therapy we saw slow but steady improvement in her condition. First the 'head stand' TV watching, then the flapping stopped and slowly her speech returned. In the last two years of therapy her reintroduction to social behavior and speech has snowballed into an unstoppable force. She wants to spend all her time playing with kids, not just next to them. Our little princess has been receiving homeopathy therapy for 4 years now and just finished full day kindergarten at the public school and will be going to first grade in the fall! I firmly believe her recovery would not have been possible without the help of Steve and Aviva Waldstein Classical Homeopathy.

I urge any parent or guardian of an austic child to contact them at Steve Waldstein RSHom(NA) CCH PCH Classical Homeopathy, Inc. 561-562-8965 They saved our child and may be able to help yours. Sincerely, Rob D.

Here is another case of a child in need of help.

Andrew was a 5 year old diagnosed as being autistic. His development was on target except for verbal development, which developed until about age 8 months and then stopped developing. It restarted developing at 3 but is severely behind. He would not look directly at anyone. He screamed a lot, was very irritable. He had great fear of strangers. He was affectionate but without looking at you much or interacting. He spent long periods of each day playing with one toy- he is totally obsessed with it. He was a very picky eater. He sleeps very poorly and is very restless. He had severe eczema. He never wanted to be alone. He had bad nosebleeds and did worse in the summer.

Based upon this and many other symptoms we gave him a dose of Thuja (note this was the right remedy for him but the possibility of it being the right remedy for another person suffering from Asperger’s or autism is very low).

Over the past 2 years we have seen substantial improvement. He is now very outgoing and social. His speech has improved tremendously but it is not up to grade level yet. He makes good eye contact. He is starting to read. He approaches strangers now, with no fear. He no longer gets upset easily.


His obsession with one toy, while not gone is substantially less. His eczema is greatly diminished. His nosebleeds are mostly gone.

Again he has quite a while to go but we have made good progress and the parents are very happy with the changes.

In these examples you see the difference between homeopathy and other approaches for treatment of autism. After the right remedy we expect to see everything getting better in the person's life.

To understand how homeopathy helps in cases like this please click below, to read more about homeopathy. To find a homeopath to help you, choose the referral list link below. If no experienced classical homeopath is in your area you can either travel to see us in Florida - or we can do a phone consult.

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