Most people occasionally have constipation. But in some people it is a constant problem. It can be extremely painful, causing great discomfort as the poisons build up in the body. It may also aggravate hemorrhoids. Or you may have diarrhea which alternates with constipation. We often can help with homeopathy if you suffer from constipation.

Here is one case to give you an idea how this works:

Leslie was a woman in her 40’s who came in complaining of chronic constipation. She had a bowel movement every 3-4 days and it was hard to get that one out. Even when she had a bowel movement only some came out. She constantly felt full.

She also had headaches about once a week. She has bad sinus congestion. Otherwise she felt fairly healthy. When we examined her personality, she was a sluggish person. She felt over –responsible, always trying to do what needed to be done to help people. She was sad often.


Based upon this and many other symptoms we gave him a dose of Calcarea Carbonica (note this was the right remedy for her but the possibility of it being the right remedy for another person with constipation is very low).

By one month her constipation was slightly better and she was happier and had higher energy. The sinus congestion was much better.

By a few months she had a bowel movement every other day. By 6 months she had one daily. By one year she had an average of 2 a day. She no longer felt full. The bowel movements were complete ones. She was happier, had more energy and it was easier to get things done. Headaches were extremely rare. The sinus congestion was gone.

In this example you see the difference between homeopathy and other approaches for treatment of constipation. After the right remedy we expect to see everything getting better in the person’s life.

To understand how homeopathy helps in cases like this please click below, to read more about homeopathy. To find a homeopath to help you, choose the referral list link below. If no experienced classical homeopath is in your area you can either travel to see us in Florida – or we can do a phone consult.

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