Have you been diagnosed as clinically depressed? Or is your life just not feeling very good to you? Do you spend too much time at home alone, crying, feeling unable to enjoy life? When good things happen to you are you unable to feel them? Do you want to find a way out of this hole ...a natural way without the artificial happiness of drugs? Prozac and other anti-depressive drugs give you are artificial sense of things being okay – but under the surface your problems remain. And the side effects can be very difficult to handle.

Homeopathy offers something more. The right homeopathic remedy will help you become stronger inside so you can resolve your problems once and for all. With our clients we have seen many people who formerly suffered from depression change their lives and leave their drugs behind. Here is an example of one person who was helped.

She is a 48 year old woman. She started feeling depressed after her first child was born, almost 10 years ago. She feels hopeless - there is nothing she can do to make anything better. The depression gets much worse when her husband gets angry or withdraws emotionally


from her. She lies around with no energy, sleeps a lot, eats a lot, goes on eating binges. She can't think clearly at these times - doesn’t want to think - she just shuts down.

Before the depression she was a very independent person and could care for herself and master any situation. “But then I had a child who is totally dependent on me - what if I blow it? What if I damage them emotionally.” She didn’t want to work because she wanted to focus on her child but being home drove her crazy. Her husband didn't want a child- so the hopelessness and depression took over. It was mixed with anger at her husband and depression took over. One time she hit her child in frustration and since then has been filled with fear of doing it again and feelings of not being good enough.

Has been taking Prozac on and off - it helps to a degree but not totally. Not on it past few months.

She has severe food allergies especially from milk and other dairy products which leads to cramps, tiredness, mental confusion, debilitating exhaustion, depression and hopeless feelings.

She has had low blood sugar since 30. If she goes too long without eating she gets mental confusion, can't concentrate, can't finish sentences, forgets what she is saying and the word, isolates self because can’t respond can’t deal with people, not because doesn't want company.

She has weakness and muscle weakness and feels hot & sweaty, flush on torso, head neck . She gets daily headaches- migraines. They started when she was 6 months pregnant with her second child. They are preceded with an aura - circle of sparkles flickering spreading and also proceeded by mental confusion.

Based upon all of the details of these and other symptoms we gave her one dose of Natrum Sulphuricum (note this was the right remedy for her but the possibility of it being the right remedy for another person suffering from depression is very low).

After 5 weeks we saw her- She felt slightly worse at first then got gradually much better than before the remedy.

She went through a gradual process over the next 6 months of becoming aware of patterns and then breaking them, of changing how she related to people. By the end of this period :

She is much happier. Her depression is much better- there is no real depression anymore just occasional short periods of self doubt but she no longer wallows in it. Her energy level is much higher. She has had no headaches at all the past 3 months. She is concentrating much better. She has no low blood sugar problems. The food allergies are much less. She and her husband went through a period of arguing more as


they worked out problems but now are doing much better than before.

In this example you see the difference between homeopathy and taking anti-depressants. Her whole life improved- she worked out her problems and everything is better.

Would you like to hear what patients have to say about how homeopathy helped their depression?

My son, who has suffered from severe depression in his late teens and early twenties, has transformed into a healthy, confident, focused young man. - Trish Schwenkler

Our entire family has been tremendously helped by Classical Homeopathy. First my wife sought our Homeopathy for depression because there were many side effects with anti-depressants. She found antidepressants were a temporary fix at best, as where homeopathy allowed her body to naturally grow stronger to where she is coping much better on her own now. -Glenn Hobbs

I am an incest survivor. I've been seeing Aviva for almost five years, now, and am a different person. Almost immediately, I was able to stop taking antidepressants. I told Aviva recently, that the world has always been a scary place for me. I am finally beginning to feel safe here. And that is huge, for me. -Juanita A.

I became a patient of Classical Homeopathy while living in Denver 15 years ago. I was suffering from general malaise, in the form of anxiety, some depression, headaches, allergies, you name it! After beginning homeopathic treatment my symptoms began to rapidly disappear, even some symptoms that were at the bottom of my list. For example, I literally didn't need reading glasses anymore. That was so shocking!

Soon thereafter my husband became a patient. My health had increased so dramatically that even my doubting husband couldn't deny the results. Then as we had each of our children, while living in Pennsylvania and Virginia they became long distance patients. My children have been so healthy, our only doctor visits have been regular annual checkups. They never having been on antibiotics and they are 10 and 13 years old.

We all have been long distance patients now for over 11 years. We each have our own remedy and phone appointments every few months, or more if needed. I call them first, before I would call a typical doctor. I choose homeopathy as our first line of wellness care.

We have been so very blessed by Steve and Aviva and their care. Without God and Steve and Aviva we truly believe our lives would not be this healthy and blessed! -Meredith

In these examples you see the difference between homeopathy and other approaches for treatment of depression. After the right remedy we expect to see everything getting better in the person's life.

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