The United States is a melting pot for people from all over the world. Adjusting to a new culture and new place can be very difficult, but most people get used to their new home. Some people however become so homesick that it interferes with there life. Homeopathy can help these people to not be stuck in the past, to move their life forward.

Or does your child have difficulty sleeping over at friends houses. Homeopathy can often help with these children also.

Here is an example of one person that we helped.

Gopal moved to the United States from India 6 years before I met him. He came in complaining of severe stomachaches that started 2 years ago.. The doctors came up with many different diagnoses and gave many different drugs but none helped him. The symptoms of the stomachaches were not very useful


for finding the right remedy for him so we looked elsewhere in his history and life to see what else could be wrong.

The thing in his life that most stood to me was that he always thought about his family and friends in India- the nostalgia and homesickness were always with him. He said “I love to have my garden and dig in the earth and grow food- it reminds me of my childhood- working with my father in the fields – that was the best time of my life.”

He liked to hang out with his male friends talking about their home area in India- that created tension with his wife- who wanted him to be with her more.

Based upon this and many other symptoms we gave him a dose of Oncorynchus. (note this was the right remedy for him but the possibility of it being the right remedy for another person with homesickness is very low).

By one month he reported that his stomachaches were 80% less. His homesickness was much less. He was surprised that his whole family was sick with the flu and he didn’t get sick- usually he is one of the first to get sick.

Over the next year the stomachaches disappeared. He was enjoying his life more. He longer felt homesick. He did better with his wife as a result of this and also due to his greater happiness. He didn’t get sick at all during the year.

In this example you see the difference between homeopathy and other approaches for treatment of homesickness. After the right remedy we expect to see everything getting better in the person’s life.

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