Are you trying to have a child and failing? Do you dread when your menstrual period comes each month indicating another failure? Have you made the rounds of the infertility clinics to no avail? Or are you scared of the infertility clinics due to the dangerous drugs used for infertility? Have you tried everything and nothing helps? Do you look at pregnant women and find yourself feeling jealous? Do you look at children with longing, your heart breaking? Do the doctors say they can’t find any specific problem but still you can’t get pregnant?

Often homeopathy can help in these situations. The right homeopathic remedy will raise the level of health of the couple so that there are no barriers to conception.

Here is one example among many of a couple that we helped.

Sharon was a 30 year old woman who desperately wanted a child. But she was too ill to have one, so she gave up on trying. She was suffering from Lupus, an extremely serious illness, which can cause severe health limitations and an often shorter life. She also


had serious asthma, anxiety and fibromyalgia. She had severe aching all over. She suffered from severe headaches. Her pains were so severe she rarely could get out of bed.

The doctors said that her infertility was due to severe endometriosis. They told her to not even bother with birth control as she had no possibility of getting pregnant.

Based upon the details of all of these symptoms and upon her easy going personality, her strong thirst, her sleeping on her right side and many other symptoms we gave her a dose of Phosphorus (note this was the right remedy for her but the possibility of it being the right remedy for another person suffering from infertility is very low).

After that first dose her headache got much less for 3 weeks. Her all over pain reduced tremendously for 3 weeks. Her energy was much higher. She hardly needed her asthma inhaler at all. She started allowing herself to feel emotions again- not bottling them up. Her anxiety reduced tremendously. After 3 good weeks she went back down and the wanting for a baby got much stronger.

With more doses of Phosphorus her pains reduced tremendously, her headaches were much less often and less intense, her allergies and asthma were much less. She felt much more free to live a normal life. She started driving- before she had panic attacks from driving. After a year she went off the steroids that she was taking for her lupus- after consulting with her doctor. After 3 years she became pregnant. Despite the doctors saying it was impossible due to her severe endometriosis, as soon as her health recovered enough she was able to become pregnant. She now has a healthy 4 year old boy. While she still has some health problems they are a tiny fraction of what she used to have. She is happy enjoying her new life.

Lycopodium Clavatum In these examples you see the difference between homeopathy and other approaches for infertility. Her whole life improved- she is happier, everything is better and she had no side effects.

There are many reasons for infertility. In some cases we treat either the man or the women, often we treat both. In many cases homeopathy has helped.

In this example you see the difference between homeopathy and other approaches for treatment of infertility. After the right remedy we expect to see everything getting better in the person's life.

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