Some children are very outgoing. Others are shy, timid and afraid to do things. They tend to stay on the sidelines watching. They may go along too easily with what others say. These are often easy children to parent, but you wish they could stand up for themselves more. Also many of these children stay this way as adults.

Whether as a child or an adult if you are too shy and timid, homeopathy can help.

Here are a couple of cases of people helped for timidity with homeopathy

.Mark was an easy going teenager. He tended to be quiet, too quiet. He had no strong passions or strong interests in anything. “I tend to go with the flow- go along with what people want.” He kept all his emotions inside, he didn’t want people to know what he is feeling. He suffered from depression. He had many sinus infections and constant sinus congestion, which bothered him greatly.

Based upon this and many other symptoms we gave him


a dose of Natrum Carbonicum (note this was the right remedy for him but the possibility of it being the right remedy for another timid person is very low).

Starting from the first month things gradually improved. He became more outgoing, more willing to stand up for himself. His energy got higher, he got much happier. His confidence become greater. His sinus problems disappeared.

Here is another example of a person that we have helped.

Jennifer was a timid 5 year old. She was very fearful- especially of dogs and certain people. She clung very tightly to her mom and got very upset if her mom ever left her. She sucked her thumb and always kept her blanket close.

She got sick frequently with colds and ear infections and stomach problems. Based upon this and many other symptoms we gave him a dose of Silicea (note this was the right remedy for her but the possibility of it being the right remedy for another timid person is very low).

By one month she was much braver, standing up for herself more and not being so afraid of dogs and people. She was not sick at all.

Over time, things got better and better. She became braver, not sick much, and definitely no longer a shy, timid child.

Magnesium Carbonicum

In this example you see the difference between homeopathy and other approaches for treatment of shyness. After the right remedy we expect to see everything getting better in the person’s life.

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