Are you or is someone in your family a workaholic? Are you on the run all the time, unable to relax? Are you irritable or angry? Do you micromanage people that you supervise? Are you not finding much time for your family? Or is all of this true, but it doesn’t bother you, but as a result of the stress you have physical problems which bother you?

Often homeopathy can help in these situations. The right homeopathic remedy will produce marked improvement in many workaholics.

Here are a couple of examples of people that we have helped.

Bob was a successful manager for an aerospace firm. He came in complaining of high cholesterol, digestive problems and back problems. On his first appointment he was rushed, impatient and had a hard time settling down to talk to me. He said that he was a Type A person, intense. I am impatient. I fly off the handle. I am more aggressive then I need to be. I work extremely hard. I am running all the time. About twice a year I crash and then am sick for a week.


He had upset stomachs a lot- as he said a nervous stomach. Based upon this and many other symptoms we gave him a dose of Nux vomica. (note this was the right remedy for him but the possibility of it being the right remedy for another workaholic is very low).

By one month his intensity, impatience and aggression were much less. His back pain and digestion were much better. Over the next two years things improved more and more. He changed his whole work habits- working much less hours, traveling much less and learning to turn more and more work over to the employees he supervised. As a result he is more happy, his family see him much more and his employers think he is doing a much better job and promoted him.
Here is another case.

Emily was a very successful consultant. She came in for repeated sinus infections for the past 10 years. She also would get horrible sinus headaches.
She traveled often with her work. She described herself as a leader and bossy. She said that she had very little patience. I want to get things done right now. I work harder and longer than most people. I do things really fast. She liked her work and didn’t see it as a problem.

Based upon this and many other symptoms we gave him a dose of Lachesis. (note this was the right remedy for her but the possibility of it being the right remedy for another workaholic is very low).


By one month she reported no illnesses and no headaches which was very unusual for her, She said she was less bossy- that I don’t feel quite as intense about what I am doing, I am less impatient, much calmer and more laid back.

I am no longer over working, I don’t want to over-work. My family thinks it is wonderful. I am not sure yet.

Over the next 5 years she reported that all her physical problems were gone. She was much happier and much calmer. For the first 2 years she worked about half as much as before and felt good about it. Then she decided that she had worked enough and went into retirement. She said: “I’ve gone from a workaholic to starting a whole new life, I feel wonderful”.

In this example you see the difference between homeopathy and other approaches for treatment of workaholics. After the right remedy we expect to see everything getting better in the person's life.

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