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The Importance of Reading Food Labels
We run to the supermarket, grab what we need and run out.

The last thing we want to do is to take the time to read the ingredient labels of the food. But taking a few extra minutes can make a real difference to the health of you and your family.

Some products in supermarkets are reasonably safe and health foods. Others are the products of a Dr.Frankenstein chemical laboratory.

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Poor Indoor Air During Winter
During wintertime our houses are closed up tight to keep heat in. Also nowadays our houses are much more tightly sealed than in the past, for energy savings reasons. As a result indoor air is much more of a problem than in the past, especially in the winter.

If you look at what is in air under a microscope you will see a mixture of flakes of skin, that our body discards, and many other types of dust, a microscopic animal called dust mites, dander from animal fur, pollen, bacteria, viruses and lots more.

Also there are all the chemicals which are coming from all the building materials in our house (especially carpets) and cleaning materials. It may seem that the air is polluted outside but it is actually worse inside, especially in winter.

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Can You Handle Dairy Products?
Some people have trouble digesting milk, cheese and other dairy products. Are you one of them? Let's examine whether milk is a good food. Human milk is the best food for human infants and breast fed children are healthier than bottle fed babies.

But is cow's milk appropriate for human consumption, and is any milk appropriate past infancy?

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